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Hunters Help Our Economy

Published on October 30, 2011 under Media Clips

Minot Daily News
October 30, 2011

I’d like to recognize all the hunters in our community and thank them for the continued support they give our local economy.

Every hunting season, hunters flood our area and our businesses with orange. I see it first-hand at the Sunlac Inn. When community members and business owners see all those folks wearing orange,
we’re also seeing huge economic benefits.

In North Dakota alone, hunters contribute $10.5 million in state tax revenue a year. They provide our state with more than 3,000 jobs, more than most of the largest employers.

Local businesses in Lakota and the Devils Lake area are not the only people benefiting from the hunting industry. The taxpayers of North Dakota – hunters and non-hunters alike – benefit economically and aesthetically from the license fees, taxes, and jobs the hunting and shooting industry provides both directly and indirectly.

Todd Jacobson, Lakota