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Hunting Makes Memories, Money

Published on December 29, 2014 under Media Clips

The Bismarck Tribune
December 29, 2014

As an avid hunter, fall in North Dakota is one of my favorite times of the year. Whether I’m deer hunting with good friends or following my labs hot on the trail of a wily pheasant, special memories are made each season.

We hunters owe a debt of gratitude to the farmers, ranchers and other landowners who make this all possible. It is because of their great efforts and stewardship we have some of the best hunting opportunities in the nation.

Hunting not only creates memories, it is also a major economic engine that provides income for many
businesses throughout our state, from the largest cities to the small rural towns. Hunting Works for North Dakota reports $148 million is spent each year by hunters in our state, benefiting all types of businesses. A good percentage of this is spent in smaller communities, making a major impact on their yearly revenue.

We hunters need to do our best to help protect and honor this great tradition. There is no better way than to pass the North Dakota hunting heritage on to the next generation. Pay it forward and take a kid hunting.

Randy Hansen